Keeping Promises

I know these steps won’t sit well with the special interests and lobbyists who are invested in the old way of doing business, and I know they’re gearing up for a fight as we speak. My message to them is this: So am I.
- President Obama, Weekly Address, 2/27

Thank. God.

And thank god for a president who doesn't stoop to something as silly and provocative as "bring it"; this is not a challenge, but a simple statement of fact: I'm undeterred by the challenge.

The interests who are (they think*) threatened by these changes, are powerful. Or, think about it, were...

They are by no means powerless now, however they are not nearly as powerful as they have been - and now is the perfect time.

Not for retribution; not at all.

Now is the time for everyone to lay their cards on the table and discuss a rational way forward that benefits us all.

* And that's why I say "they think", above - the astute among us will see that this situation is a singular opportunity.

The call is clear: Carpe diem; let's get to work.


Douglas is no leader

The difference between the two proposals is that the union asks that the cuts be for the moment, the governor asks that they be permanent...
What we have now is not sustainable and if left intact would present a ruinous situation two years hence when the stimulus money fades to a trickle...
(From a Vermont Tiger article.)

This is exactly the crux of the matter:

The governor is using this crisis as an excuse for the right-wing agenda of slashing state government in order to conserve their own wealth and power. He says in effect that the crisis itself is permanent - how sadly lacking in leadership.

The union on the other hand, showing great leadership, sees this as the historic crisis it is - a problem to be overcome, not merely adjusted to and settled for.


Douglas spin

Current Vermont Governor, Jim Douglas (Republican) has taken to saying the he has "received more votes than any other person in Vermont history".

Why that's amazing; he must be amazing!

Almost as amazing as saying the Vermont's population has increased over the years.

Ah, the joy of spin.

Douglas is an astute politician and certainly knows that he has been elected for one reason only: Vermont liberals (Democrats, Progressives and others) have been beating each other up enough that he slips in.

A win is indeed a win - however let's be honest about it, shall we?