Matt knows blogging

Everyone's got their own gig, but personally, I completely agree with Matt's reasoning on why some of us blog, and why it matters - a least to us. If you're here, you might be interested in some of his other posts too; check it out. (Disclosure: I've known Matt since about 1987 and though we rarely see each other in person, I'd like to think we could pick up a conversation if we did. :)


"Intelligent Design" or Artful Obfuscation?

Very interesting discussion, trying to find the actual theory - if any - behind "Intelligent Design" -- since the whole thrust of the argument, seems to be: "Well, science says that we have to test any theory, right? So here's mine: Intelligent Design. Now you have to put it right next to Darwin's theory of Evolution, right?" Well, no, not really...


Weatherman fetish

OK, so there are people with just way too much time on their hands.

But thank the gods; some of this stuff is just too good:

  • Bad Weatherman: So it's a college student, having a bad day - but it's quite a train wreck -- and he just doesn't give up; gotta give him that much.
  • Tourette Weatherman - and this looks like it may really be Tourette Syndrome, so a little understanding, please.
  • Last but not least: Sure it's way un-PC in places, but the guy is really trying, and appears to have some talent: Mark Mathis. But wait! There's more!


Alcohol in the Star Trek Universe

If you can put aside your "PC" for a few minutes, this is side-splittingly funny stuff - even if you're not a Trekkie. Thanks, again, to GMSV for the link.


The Ornery American: Orson Scott Card

You may or may not recognize the name Orson Scott Card from his SciFi, but you'll probably be interested in his essays regardless; good stuff.

The current one is a really good analysis of American healthcare.

UPDATE: Or at least it WAS good stuff - until it became yet another raging "neocon" forum; how depressing.


Bush is the real Social Security Crisis

Think: The Boomers are pulling out much faster than the smaller, following generations, are putting in. Of course. But the Boomers put in a huge amount, while the smaller, previous generations were taking not much out.

The system is not broken - but Bush sure is trying hard.


ITunes user sues Apple over iPod

"He says Apple is breaking anti-competition laws in refusing to let other music players work with the site."
How very interesting...

Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that this makes sense.

The logical conclusion then is: Every piece of software (heck, let's say hardware too!) must always be available for every format - a huge win for Apple and every other non-WinTel developer!