Where are the photos of the takedown?

It's interesting; the video of the shoes being thrown at Bush clearly shows photographers snapping shots of the takedown of the thrower (they were in a press room after all) - although I can't find a single one of those photos to confirm or deny the stories that the thrower was injured somewhat severely during the takedown. Methinks there was some over-compensation; he fired *both* shoes!

And why the postponement of his court appearance?

Personally, while I don't condone an actual physical attack, I'll be making the same gesture.

Update: Danziger weighs in.


No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy

A fantastic book; highly recommended. Tight writing, extremely engaging, great character development. And bone deep. I suppose I'll see the movie too now; I really hope they did it justice.

Terry Pratchett's "Turntables of the Night"

A fairly early short story by Terry Pratchett, renowned author of the Discworld series among others. The man is amazing; one of the most talented authors of this era.

Tor is publishing free Sci-Fi e-books

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