Looks like Fogel = Douglas = Bush = "Some are more equal than others"

Interesting news coming out of UVM these days - seems like Fogel too (like Douglas) is using the excuse of the economic crisis to wield the ax selectively.

Even as we learn that the circle of power not only widened during his tenure, but their salaries (and bonuses, just like Wall Street) increased far ahead of any rational measure. Just, apparently, the tired old whine of "If we don't keep up with the (Dow) Jones', we won't be able to attract top talent!" And look what that's done for Wall Street - and the world.

As this info comes out, Fogel's response is that those salaries have been frozen, making it sound heroic. Sounds more protective to me.

And in the mean time, positions and people (at lower levels of course) are being eliminated directly - or indirectly, by choosing not to fill openings.

Fogel says he'd leave if UVM cuts executive pay? Perfect; let the healing begin.

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