IRV solves the right problems?

Apropos my recent IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) post:

Terry Bouricius writes to VDB (Philip Baruth) in response to Tony Gierzynski's article against IRV.

Bouricius' article seems to very strongly address every one of Gierzynski's concerns, and then some.

It seems to me that the argument against IRV is narrow and ignores important factors; it's reactive and conservative. It's "anti".

While the argument for IRV is inclusive and constructive; problems were identified and great effort was spent to solve them in a careful and broad way - including checking the results afterward. It's "pro".

I know which way I tend to go: pro.

(BTW: For those inclined to bring up so-called "pro-life": It's just a label cynically chosen to seem positive - when that reactionary movement is virtually always very negative.)

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