Updating the laws on wine

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments from winemakers who want to ship their products to customers at home.
(Ref: Good Morning Silicon Valley's First Edition newsletter; highly recommended.)
Of course there are issues with selling to minors (and a whole side discussion on the efficacy of that law…), but these are things that can be dealt with - we should be able to have wine shipped home. (After all, we can drive over a border, buy it and transport it easily enough. Not so easy if it's across the continent though...

I can see how various industries and agencies have stakes - both ways though; I'm sure California (and other exporters) want these old laws brought up to date.

FWIW, In Vermont, it actually is apparently possible to get a temporary license, but it's unclear what you could actually do with it. Here's a good article from wine.about.com: Current US Wine Shipping Laws: Vermont.


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Earliest Signs of Winemaking Found in ChinaPHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - Neolithic people in China may have been the first in the world to make wine, according to scientists who have found the earliest evidence of winemaking from pottery shards dating from 7,000 BC in northern China. [Reuters: Oddly Enough]

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"If the Supreme Court argument Tuesday on interstate wine sales proves to be a reliable roadmap to the eventual decision, consumers who want to order wine directly from out-of-state wineries will soon be able to do so with the court's blessing..."